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2019 - 2020 Youth Advisory Board

  Abigale Ireland
My name is Abigale Ireland and I am from Steelville, Missouri. I’m proud so say that I am back on the Youth Advisory Board for my second year as the vice president! 

I have had a lot of previous leadership experience that includes 4 years involved with MCB, 3 years in officer STUCO positions, and being a member of many clubs. 

I enjoy staying at home watching Netflix series with my cats, but I also love adventuring around my town with friends! I also enjoy leading and volunteering in my community, so I am grateful to be a part of YAB. 

  Katelyn Halbert
My name is Katelyn Halbert. I am a 15-year-old freshman at Steelville High School. I am currently active in Speech, Drama and Art Club. I have been in MCB for a year but did work on a few projects prior to joining. Recently, I have been attending our communities Tourism Committee meetings.  This is my first year serving on the Youth Advisory board and I am very excited to see what this year brings. 

  Lauren Freeman
My name is Lauren Freeman and I’m 17-year-old Senior at Steelville High School. Through school I am involved in Crochet Club, FCCLA, Choir, Science Olympiad, and Math and Science Club. Outside of school I play an active role in my church's youth group and take part with helping the children there. I am very much a people person and I strive to bring joy and happiness to others. I am known to be constantly laughing, talking, and smiling because of this. I plan to go to Mizzou in the fall for a degree in Secondary Education in History and a minor in Political Science. My goal for the future is to become a Highschool History Teacher, and later get into politics. This is my fifth year being in Steelville’s MCB Group, and my third year being on the Youth Advisory Board. I am excited for all the opportunities that will come from this experience. I am extremely excited for the opportunity to get to know all the other Youth Advisory Board members, and to work with them on MCB Projects. Through the Youth Advisory Board, I have been able to see MCB (the organization and the communities involved) grow, and I hope that throughout this year I will be able to witness more of this.
  Maggie Green
Hello! My name is Maggie Green. I am a 16 year old junior at Steelville High School. Along with our local MCB group, I am in FCCLA, on the yearbook committee, and a leader for Youth Alive. I am very active in my youth group, Unite Student Ministries, and my youth group has helped me improve my leadership skills. I’m excited to be on YAB, because I will need leadership skills in my future career(s). I plan on attending Evangel University and becoming an elementary teacher and/or a children’s pastor. This is my 4th year in MCB, and my 1st year on YAB. I can’t wait to see where this opportunity takes me and how it affects my future for the better.

Maggie Bouse
My name is Maggie Bouse, I am a 14 year old homeschooler in Steelville. I have been a part of my local Missouri Community Betterment youth group for 2 years. I have worked with Steelville’s tourism committee to plan our community Christmas along with many other events. The past 4 years I have been enrolled in multiple types of dance classes. This past summer I participated in a Broadway Beginnings Workshop. This will be my first year on the Youth Advisory Board, I am honored to be a part of the MCB Youth Advisory Board.

  Jewel Conaway

I enjoy spending time with my volleyball team and I love spending time with my poms team.  I also enjoy helping my community while also practicing for my speech and drama class, watching football with my family and helping my town out with my other classmates in MCB.  I enjoy history and English in school, love to travel and learn about different cultures.  I also try to show school spirit by going to all games.  I am in scholar bowl, art club, pep club and gang green club.

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